Monday, April 13, 2015

Doodling and Stitching

Sometimes I use a pen to doodle...and sometimes I use thread. Making simple lines and dots with thread through wool is just as relaxing as doodling on paper.
This is a small piece I did a while ago......I think it started as a test of the visual impact my hand dyed thread would give.

Recently, I decided to make some cards and thought this "look" would be perfect for creating many small one of a kind pieces

In an earlier post I showed the beginning of this project

Each little stitched section measures 2 inches square, once cut apart, each of them was then stitched onto a piece wool that had been given added texture with free motion quilting

those units were finally stitched on to some purchased blank cards

A closer look at the detail

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thread doodles

While I have been very active creatively, it would seem that I have been rather unmotivated to take photos and do much "posting" lately
I thought I might try to correct that I just took this photo of a small project I am working on (in between others)
My own hand dyed (snow dyed actually) thread is being randomly stitched onto a piece of felted wool. The colours of this 1 skein of variegated thread, wander from palest blue to indigo to a fun apple green, I am enjoying the effect that is happening.  Like doodling....letting it flow and simply making decisions as I go along. ....each "square" will eventually be separated...for now I have partitioned off some segments giving me small "frames" to work within so that I will end up with lots of different stitched pieces (each square will finish at 2 x 2 inches)

Relaxing and meditative....Yes!.....but I do have a plan for them as well, interested? will just have to check back later to see what these tiny stitchery(s) will become

See what others are stitching.....I am linking up to Kathy's Quilts   Slow Sunday Stitching  here

Monday, March 16, 2015

Searching for Spring

Signs of Spring are slowly starting to emerge....but since my gardens still have quite a bit of snow cover, it will likely be a few more weeks before the Crocus begin to show. Until then, this will have to do.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


There seems to be a fair bit of interest in my paper snowflakes, but you doesn't always have to be a snowflake shape, how about a simple square?
I used some of my designs (drawings) to see how they would look as papercuts and have posted lots of photos so you can see the progression.
I started with a 12" square piece of paper....folded in half, then in half again twice more, resulting in a triangle of folded paper (8 layers)
The next step is to unfold the paper, draw the design lines on to one segment (triangle) and refold being sure the drawn lines are on the outer layer
I use lots of staples to hold the layers tightly together. A hole punch and an awl are used to pierce the small closed areas so that I will be able to then begin cutting with tiny scissors
here you can see a few designs prepared for cutting.

I don't cut in any particular order, but I tend to cut the smallest, trickiest areas first and the larger, open areas last....this allows me to always have something fairly solid to hang on to.
In the photos below you can see the progression of one of the designs. Notice that I leave in place, as many staples as possible as I go along ( the secret, is to keep the layers held tightly together)

here is the design, carefully opened and pressed flat using a dry iron

and here are a few others I did, it is a fun way to be creative without investing a lot of time, materials or planning. I could imagine these designs as whole cloth stitching, painted cloth, stained glass, embroidery, stencils....all sorts of things

what will you create today?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First Stitches

As I excitedly announced in an earlier post, Trish Burr had recently requested permission to turn one of my doodles into her magical Shades of Whitework pieces. That particular one (she calls Katarina) is now available in kit form in her Etsy shop.

 I am thrilled to tell you that she has come back to me for a few more designs (you can read what Trish has planned for them here)

I want to give her technique a try, so I have begun with a small "learning" piece. Armed with one of her digital download patterns, I decided to start with just a few of the flowers to practice getting my stitches just right.

 Wanting a lovely mottled grey fabric for the background (and not finding it) I decided to simply create my own using a piece of muslin and fabric paint.....when I want a fast way to get just a small piece of fabric in a particular colour, paint is quicker and easier than dye. ( I showed how I do this a number of years can find that post here)

Creating a small composition, I traced some select flowers and with a "transfer" pencil I drew the design in reverse onto plain copy paper. With a hot, dry iron, the image is now in place and ready to stitch.

I decided to start small, I am certain my stitches will improve as I continue. Hopefully by the time I finish this small bouquet, I will have the confidence to tackle one of her gorgeous designs and do it justice.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Near the end of 2014, I was contacted and asked if I would consider creating a logo based on one of my papercut snowflakes....this one in particular

I made a few changes and some enhancements to the original design. The completed "re-design" is shown below. Transformed from a quickly cut paper snowflake in to a sharp, defined logo

Monday, February 2, 2015

On a Winter Day

So far this season, we really can't complain about the weather has not been all that bad.......but yesterday....well.... yesterday Winter came calling.  I am not a huge fan of the Winter months, I don't ski, or ice fish or any of that sort of thing......I stayed inside and doodled.

Why an elephant?   Why not?

Friday, January 23, 2015


In late November, I began a new project, a quilt that holds very special meaning for the recipient. It was finished and delivered last weekend.

Made mostly with materials gleaned from a loved ones P.J.s and T shirts.....lots of personal details have been stitched 72" square, it is just the right size for her to wrap herself in the memories they shared.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Normally when I see Starlings, it is generally in great numbers. It is unusual to see one all by itself. There has been 1 lonely Starling visiting my feeders for the past few days. Have you ever taken a close look at these common birds, they have some striking patterns on them....inspired to grab my pencil, I have to admit I gave him a few more than nature may have intended.

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